A Most Poetic Friday Fun

Hello! Last week I asked you all to come up with your idol-themed anime ideas, and maybe pester Crunchyroll to translate the Backstage Idol Story anime. Well, the latter wasn’t successful, but hey, you came up with some quality plots last week, and that’s good enough for me.

This is going to be a short one. Mainly because I’m out of ideas and I already used Maniac’s suggestion for Idol Alignments a few weeks ago. But if there’s something you never fail to assist me with, it’s Friday Fun suggestions, and I love you for that!

So thanks to Chris and Salem, this week’s theme is Idol Poetry! The good thing about poetry is that it there’s so many different ways to do it. Limericks, haiku, sometimes people even get away with rambling nonsense and call it poetry, so really, there’s a lot of opportunities here! Personally, I’m hoping for some stupidity to come out of this, because when am I not hoping for that?

But feel welcome to write whatever you wish, as long as its somewhat idol-related. Tweet your literary masterpieces with #IdolPoetry and the best will be shown next week!

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