Who Else Was Curious about le biglemoi?

If you’re reading this and the title poses more questions — different questions! — rather than an answer of “me, yes, thanks,” then you may want to first familiarize yourself with what originally looked like one of the best debuts of 2017 that managed to squander a lot of that energy and promise almost immediately because chika gotta chika sometimes. I refer of course to le biglemoi, a project of RIZE, descended from Kitakaze Impact and Kitakaze Impact Choque!(.) They used to have a whole mess of members but had been more recently down to three before all but disappearing … until a couple of weeks ago, when official Twitter woke back up. And they have new material for us!

I’m taking it as new; to the extremely invested le biglemoi wota out there, I apologize deeply for any oversight

Notably, though, they’re doing the Add A Member Lose A Member routine:

Which I’m guessing is why they got to the point they did. A gradual frittering away of one’s group membership doesn’t bode well, nor does any real period of genuine inactivity. Yeah, idols go on hiatus sometimes, but unless you’re promoting that as a thing, it’s kind of hard to keep people invested, you know? So I’m hoping that le biglemoi pulls off the opposite and can come back hearty and strong. The stuff that they were doing before could have been really big.