A Friday Fun for Switching Favorites

Last week we shaded Watanabe again, and also mourned everyone’s favourite boss who fired herself!

This week’s challenge really needs no explanation. It’s just something dumb, like every week. Ever wondered what one of your oshi’s faces would look like on the body of another oshi? Of course not, you’re normal! But I need something this week, so guess what, we’re swapping faces! At first, I thought “Yep, just put Himari’s face on Okaki’s and Okaki’s face on Himari’s it’s gonna look weird hahaha” but, I know you guys. You’re gonna go all out, putting innocent idol faces onto heads that really don’t deserve to be that cute and vice-versa.

If you have an app that does face swapping, go ahead and use that, if not, Photoshop (or it’s free/cheaper alternatives) is your friend! Share your monstrosities with #IdolFaceSwap!

Maniac adding: No, we’re still not sharing the image we have of Ricky’s face on Ladybeard in a swimsuit