Your Homicidols Weekender #142

Good morning! I hope everybody had a good week. It’s TIF week, after all, and though idol kind of pauses for a second and takes a deep breath before the festival kicks off, there’s obviously, you know, the festival to get into, so the somewhat shorter bill of fare than we might prefer is forgivable.

I’ll be honest with you, though: TIF had been for literal years my favorite thing about idol. It was so obvious that our old friend Alex even teased me about it publicly! Or maybe he pitied me, I dunno. But the point is, I looked forward to this week like kids look forward to Halloween or Christmas. But then some of the shine started to rub off last year, and, as we noted in Team chat the other day, @JAM has really become the better event. TIF still has cache, obviously, and tons of symbolic value, it’s just that the shine has worn off some.

And then things like this remind you that this is a scene replete with some of the worst people imaginable, and then rumors of other unsavory behavior swirl around the live event itself, and you start to really lose enthusiasm even before the cracks show in the organizers’ ability to actually organize. When your schedule gets as jam-packed as mine does from time to time (mine went from “oh cool, time to blog some posts!” to “please, no, not another phone call” with a quickness), and when oshis drop left and right and, as Krv noted in a conversation the other day, loud idol is starting to have some real problems with saturation and sameness — the point is, it’s a tough feeling when the thing you love starts to be kind of hard to love.

I don’t mean to be a downer. By all means, go TIF it up (and play the Fun!). Bootleg what you can, find the stream rips and whatnot after, and enjoy probably the most self-indulgent few days that idol even ever could put together. I’m taking a few well-deserved days off from working for the weekend to actually, for once, weekend.

They Don’t Call It the Heat Garage for Nothing


The members of BiS3 haven’t been officially revealed yet, but they’re public, so go give ’em a hello:

Before my week completely fell apart, I was pulling together some TIF-related stuff and saw this Rukatama interview that I thought you might dig just for the sake of it being Rukatama doing idol things:

I don’t know why, but THE BANANA MONKEYS flipped this onto Soundcloud the other day:

You’ll Melt More! for sure:

You know who’s stupid stoked to be at TIF? Marionet:

Loogit all the guest appearances in the new one from Koutei Camera Girl Drei!

Oh look, another PEDROo video that I can’t watch:

That’s okay, this is probably my least favorite thing ever from PEDRO

Occasionally loud Big Angel are going indie:

Brian was asking the other day, so here’s some ATOMIC MINISTRY:

Toricago has some interesting fan events:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is actually just PassCode, because all this thinking about TIF and being annoyed that I won’t be able to pirate watch it at all this year got me thinking about the big epic TIF that really helped to solidify my resolve to do this whole project. I’m talking about 2015, the year when BiSH and pre-GANG PARADE POP got kicked out for rowdiness (ha), when Pour Lui appeared with then-Parallel as he backup dancers, and when a series of creative loudol projects got their first really big breaks. Chief among them was PassCode, who I think were making their only significant public appearance as a five-piece then (which is its own story). I had that gig in mind and thought it’d be fun to compare an almost-there unit from Osaka absolutely winning the weekend to, well, this:

They’re still right near the stop of my list for Western crossover success, and while I never did write my counter-review “Why the Hell Aren’t More People Talking about This PassCode Album?” for CLARITY, I’ll still hold it up as one of the very top releases of the year. Nao and Kappi agree!

My girls in the mishmash have a new single coming up soon:

The promo video for that Osaka Shunkashuto EP:

Go get the Oyasumi Hologram thing:

Not great in a completely different way is this new Nue clip:

That’ll do it for from:

Look, I know that I don’t do it as much anymore, but I do like to share new idol debuts when appropriate, and so I save things for that purpose. This one, I can’t believe that I’d ever make an effort to post on its own, so here’s astraia:

Boss may be leaving, but BURST GIRL still does like nobody else:

And not to deflect from the loss of anybody in our community (RIP), but I just have to say that this is an amazing shirt:

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Considering you have neither been to TIF or @JAM you probably shouldn’t talk about which is the better event.

    The lineup is only one part of a festival.

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