A Friday Fun about Next Steps

Well, I’m suitably traumatized!

What is it about WACK that brings out the cursed in people?

Speaking of traumatized, BiS are finally disbanding again tomorrow after having gone through more than enough trauma of having to deal with Watanabe than the average person could probably handle. You’ll see my thoughts about the whole thing in another article this weekend (provided they don’t reveal that this was an elaborate joke all along) but for now, lets just meme the hell out of it today and cry about it tomorrow!

In a live stream earlier this week, Watanabe said that details on the futures of the current BiS members would be revealed at their disbandment live, probably in the same vein as when their previous incarnation disbanded. Do you have any idea what it could be? I sure don’t! But we can sure make stupid assumptions until we hear the news that Aya Eightprince has joined EMPiRE and YUiNA EMPiRE has joined Gang Parade! This week’s hashtag, #FutureCareersOfBiS, is probably going to be as short-lived as the group its based on, so be quick!