CROSSNOESIS Could Possibly Save the World

So I don’t know where all of the good idol stuff went over the past several days*, you guys, but I’m kind of thankful for the moment’s peace. I told myself even yesterday that maybe I should just let the week ride itself out and only feel like I need to respond at all if something genuinely cool and big happens.**

Well, the best thing happened, and we finally got a look at the post-HAMIDASYSTEM project of the former members of HAMIDASYSTEM, who are not at all the new and current HAMIDASYSTEM, but are veterans of maybe the coolest, most creative, impossible-to-overrate multimedia art project to have ever struck idol. Specifically, we get music and some light visuals!

That was the fastest smashing of the Subscribe button in my over-enthusiastic history

AAAAAAHHHHHHH WHY IS IT SO GOOD? It’s 1:10 long and I feel like it might be the best 1:10 of music connected to idols to come out so far this year. Everything about this project, by whatever name it goes, is impossibly cool. And we knew that coming in! It’s HAMIDASYSTEM, only re-cast so that actual HAMIDASYSTEM can shift gears and old HAMIDASYSTEM can shift gears in a different kind of way. I/we could have seen this exact thing coming, in fact, and it’s still a completely fresh thing and totally welcome feeling. Not even these member previews that had me so frustrated that I originally stuck them in the Weekender are any kind of surprise, and they’re like the coolest thing too:

We know these people! They are familiar to us and beloved in their own way! Already! I’m ready to pledge my sword to their service and wage war on people with bad taste in their name.

But to bring it all back together, and allowing for the fact that this is the least debut of any idol debut in history, there’s power in this clip, and while the title of the post is just the tiniest bit hyperbolic, the sentiment is there and it is true. The world needs more good music, period, and it needs more projects with vision

*It wasn’t even Golden Week anymore!
**Maybe if somebody would hurry the heck up and publish their dang much-anticipated MV, their first real one in forever!