A Few Pictures Can Tell A Thousand Words With This Friday Fun…

Wow, it’s Friday again, huh? Team Homicidols has been combining our minds together to help with the Friday Funs since Kerrie’s laptop went down, and one thing I think we’ve learned: Creating Friday Fun is actually pretty tough! Kerrie’s been doing this for quite a while now and when you realize how much effort she puts into entertaining us by dreaming up activities for the pre-weekender, it’s quite an impressive feat. But anyway, the crew came up with a new one and I think you’ll all have a good time with it!

But first, last week’s Fun was near and dear to us on a personal level, since it brought together fandom and creativity through fan-art. It was the positive and supportive rally we were hoping for, and please keep in mind that we intend to keep #idoldoodles going well into the future! We’re hoping to revisit the theme on a semi-regular basis and share more fan-art as a Homicidols feature, so by all means keep your pencils/paintbrushes/digital tablets sharpened!



More #idoldoodles to come!!!

Okay, now for this fine Friday! Have you ever played Pictionary? We’re doing something similar to that where we’d like you to utilize images and place them together to create references to idols, song, titles, album titles, etc. You can create a sequence of images, or even a single image to allude to something in the idol world. And for extra fun, leave them unanswered so people can guess at them! Here’s an example that Daemon came up with…

Bootleg Batman + metal +  jacket = A well-known idol album! See what we mean?

And here’s a tougher one…

You can do literal image representations, or try connecting pictures phonetically to put the syllables together, anything goes! Get creative and feel free to make it as difficult or easy to solve as you wish. And if somebody else also uses a group/song/album/etc. that you were going to use, so what? Use yours anyway because it’s still a unique take! Take your Pictionary-esque puzzles and share them with the #IdolPictionary tag!

See , it’s fun already!! Alright peeps, let’s get to it!!