Your Homicidols Weekender #147

Hey gang! I hope you’re all safe — some absolute tragedies unfolded this past week, like big gigantic ones that rate the everyday sort of tragedies that a lot of us nonetheless deal with. It can be tough to think about much else when all hell is breaking loose for others, and that’s a perfectly normal way to react. I’m personally in a weird in-between spot, as often happens in the face of disaster; it’s just that I usually mask it better. But yeah, this has been a tough one.

So not the best Weekender, but maybe things like idol, and the collective good cheer of people who are into idol, can help to give folks something to enjoy. The Fun is a great example — look at this shit — as is most of what’s to follow, and of course being part of this wild scene that we all enjoy. I’m taking a few days off (pre-planned, not another sudden disappearance), so I’ll catch you all in a few!

Seriously, What the Hell Are You Doing?

We fanned on the most recent GANG PARADE video, and you know, that’s okay:

We feel less good about missing 2&‘s latest collaboration with LILY&YU, but watching the MV makes us feel better about everything.

I really wanted to give Satanic Punish a profile, but, like BLACK NAZARENE and some others, I just cannot endorse this appropriation of awesome names with tradol blech!

As happy for our European friends as I am now that You’ll Melt More!, I still wish they’d be hitting the indie circuit instead:

At some point, we need to decide if anybody in idol can match what Mashil/ro has been able to do with SHACHI:

30 minutes of Aphrodite:

And 50 of Party Rockets GT!

I am deeply upset that DAIDAIDAI faked me out into thinking that there was a new MV afoot, and it was only this promo for their upcoming one-man:

Chris wanted to make sure that everybody saw this collaboration between No Surprises and Juri from melt music:

And speaking of melt music, they got a demo!

How the hell did Nue get a live edit that looks this good and sounds this bad?

This is what Minna no Kodomo-chan’s future looks like:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Gokigen Teikoku. Why? Because Gokitei’s not dead!

The stipulation for the reveal of these two new members is perfectly stupid Gokitei madness, but, uh, get to know them anyway?

Given the suspicion that Ichiho is extremely extra to deal with, hence the very high turnover within the group since those heady days in 2016, I can’t wait for the next exodus!

This one’s for you Pimm’s fans:

When Seno Sister met O’CHAWANZ:

Needs more Yotsu:

Man, remember when I did stuff with STARMARIE every Friday? That was fun:

Getting international access to PEDRO may be a pain in the butt, but now there’s official video available:

For those desperate for proof that that good things still happen in this world, Himari and Rei-chan went on a second date.

Also, Chitti has been hanging with Akane from Band-Maid an awful lot since they met at MONSTERcircus. Here they pay a birthday visit to SCANDAL’s Haruna.

Have a great weekend!