50 YMM MVs Day 48: Unexpected

We’re almost at the end of our journey, so what better way to celebrate than by being launched into space to dance with You’ll Melt More?

That mysterious woman who pops up at first isn’t a new member, and contrary to what the illustrious and hilarious author of this article managed to convince several people once it’s not Australian pop singer Sia either. The hired actress joins the girls in space for some good ol rhythmic exercises and honestly looks like she’s having the best time of her life. That’s basically the entire video; it’s short, simple and sweet. Just like this sentence.

The song sounds closer to technopop than a lot of You’ll Melt More’s sugary hyperactive new wave, but the twist is it comes with a few enka segments! If you’re not in the know, the short story is that enka is an excruciatingly Japanese genre containing a lot of string instruments and traditional style music. It was incredibly popular during the pre-war period, declined with the advent of western pop music’s influence but still enjoys a strong fanbase with two distinct types; traditional style (Hiroshi Miyama is a personal favourite) and hybrid style that contains influences from modern pop music or modern pop music with enka influences. Even if you’re not well versed in any of this, if you’ve listened to any Japanese music before you’ve definitely heard it’s unique instrumentation and use of the minor scale because unsurprisingly, Japanese music tends to have a lot of influences from Japan.

But the strings in Fusae aren’t combined with anything, it’s just straight up the kind of music somebody’s grandparents might do their morning exercises to – so why is it in the middle of a You’ll Melt More song?

Well, it’s fun. So why not? Music can be anything. It’s an unexpected twist but hey, the album it’s from is called “Surpriser” after all.