50 YMM MVs Day 26: Delicious

A preface to say that if you have photosensitive epilepsy you probably shouldn’t watch this video.

Have you ever been to a cafe where the service is horrible but because you don’t want to look like an entitled boomer you just grit your teeth and enjoy your food? Well what if the cure for that scenario was hypnosis? You’ll Melt More know what’s up in the video to Moi Moi:

The song itself is the classic Yurumerumo combination of several genres at once. Its soft and sleepy in-your-face idol technopop with some real funky guitar thrown in there too – something only they could pull off.

Moi Moi’s MV storyline is just as quirky too, the bumbling waiters are very quickly pissing off some entitled customers so who better to solve this crisis than an idol group? They waltz in with their hypnotist coin and everything is perfect once again~ Then after it’s time for the cafe’s speciality of what looks like raw fish dipped in melted down Lucky Charms. Don’t like the sound of it? You’re being hypnotised you don’t have a choice. And besides, if your oshi offers you something who are you to turn it down?

Overall this is another cute track and video both from Disco Psyhadelica and YOUTOPIA. It’s got a relaxing vibe and cute girls with a fun music video. What more could you want?