YSM vs. NSD: Who Ya Got?!

Update: We have a winner!

Congratulations, NEVE SLIDE DOWN. In the minds of the readers of Homicidols.com (12 of them!), you’re going to win this battle against your future best frenemies in Yanakoto Sotto Mute. Savor victory while it lasts!


Well if this doesn’t look like a lot of fun.

I’m sure they mean it as a typical idol battle kind of concert, and not even really a battle but more like “our parent groups are such good friends and we have a lot of the same fans so let’s do a show together,” but I really like the idea of this being settled by blood.

So! In the red corner, we have the elegant arthouse alt-rocking little sisters of Bellring Girls Heart; in the blue, the half-as-old-but-twice-as-serious little sisters of PassCode.

Tiebreaker: Whoever’s supporter makes the funniest comment about how the fight is decided. Yep, we’ll go as far as leaving it up to the judges (me), people!

One thought on “YSM vs. NSD: Who Ya Got?!

  1. Oh this is good. If we’re going strictly by vocals I’m giving it to YSM. I know ALISA can sing good (without the effects) based on her past work with SO.ON Project but those three girls in YSM are really good. Especially Mani-chan, that girl has such rich and deep vocals that sound amazing with their type of music. But ALISA though <3. I was in love with her with the first NSD video. Very stunning. Other than Mashiro of ZenKimi I don't think there's another idol who can rock the blonde better than her.

    Plus: NEVE SLIDE DOWN just have "I'll straight up kick your ass" edge to them. 😛

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