Your Homicidols Weekender #83

A very good Saturday to you all! How has the season been treating you, by the way? I just realized that, while we passed the unofficial start of summer a couple of weeks ago, here we are just a few days before actual summer (or winter, for those of you in the Upside Down), and the timing can’t be better — ol’ Maniac got some really good news this week and is holding out for a little bit more before doing any real celebration, but still. And last night, I hit up a regular jazz night that I hadn’t been to for a while, then trekked across town for some of those simple pleasures. It was very good, perfectly seasonal. I encourage you to do the same!

Here we have yet another in a very substantial chain of Weekenders. While I won’t complain about there being a lot of random and a lot of ancillary and a lot of related-but-not-post-worthy to share, there’s a paradox here, which is that having a big ol’ Weekender could be a drag on your doing more fun and exciting things. Boo! So do this: Play the Fun, then get through the first few items here, and then see where life takes you.

What If the Answer Is “Twitter?”

I missed the latest from lyrical school, for shame, but we can always rectify:

So yeah, prepare yourself for the new BILLIE IDLE:

Remind me to stop thinking anything positive about CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL:

DEEP GIRL fans, get ready to open your wallets for Riico:

Please put Philosophy no Dance on blast, for they are amazeballs:

What the heck is BREADSHOP?!

Have you by chance joined this live city pop channel? It’s a blast:

And speaking of city pop, Especia fans rejoice, as there are solo releases from the former members:


Here’s a whole dang thing with Desu.Rabbits:

The ever-rare live clip of Yukueshirezutsurezure:

And Vivid Chicken!

This is like a post-diary thing of when C-Style rallied fans to celebrate their fifth(!) anniversary with a show at a previously closed venue?

ERROR exists:

I kind of love how DOLL$BOXX has become an excuse to have everything between Gachapin and Fuki happen at once:

What the crap, JOANJOAN?

This BLACK NAZARENE clip is entirely too cheery:

MiRi and CLASSMATE CINDERELLA released a new one:

I really wanted to write up the newest from tipToe, but this is frankly better served here:

SAKA-SAMA just got increasingly cool:

Not to be outdone by their reunion with the Beard, Ladybaby dropped this live MV:

And not to be outdone by her old group’s anything, Rei and BRATS did this:

I normally hate to be negative about idols, but man, this is awful:

xoxo EXTREME will be releasing and actual by-god nationally available single:

It seems like IVOLVE is suddenly very active, and that’s a good thing:

When Kerrie told me that she had nothing interesting to say about this Up Up Girls MV, I had no idea how literal that statement was:

I love idol videos, man:

Have a very loud weekend!