Your Homicidols Weekender #73

Good morning! Now that was a great week in idol. There were tons of releases, new videos, new music and a new Corenament champion. This is not to mention a pretty darn solid April Fools joke. And there’s more to come, including potentially idiotic hot takes! Love it.

The irony is that this is, I think, a pretty solid time of year for just about the whole world. Spring or fall, odds are good that today and tomorrow are going to be pretty nice days. Even if you have to work, spend some time outside! Ignore idol! Yes, play the Fun, but also focus on the good and important things in life (note: this does not include idol in any way). Get your energy up and be ready to face the next week with all the vim and vigor that you can handle.

That’s Oddly Optimistic

Are you following Pour Lui’s YouTube career? Why or why not?

You can at least follow the goings-on of BiS, like with these release details:

I really wish it were easier to get into Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders:

More from Qumali Depart:

You may want to get in on that new double album from Himegami CRISIS:

This is cool Bury artwork:

More on Screaming Sixties and bands:

Expecting Ladybaby stuff at just about any minute:

You newbies deserve all of Haruka’s hate:

Something something yandoll:

Babymetal had the lamest Fox Day announcement possible, but people will still buy it, and I have something to say about it!

Somebody remind me why it was a good idea for Osaka Shunkashuto to go to Avex:

This photo though:

PassCode at Warped:

Oyasumi Hologram is too damn good:

All right, Candye Syrup, give it to me straight to the face:

Bekah and Ashley are an incredible gift to idol:

Yet another demo track from CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL:

And say hi!

The newest member of Wagamama Rakia looks familiar:

You know who had a really good April Fools joke? Gokigen Teikoku:

Not to be eclipsed by Yanakoto Sotto Mute:

Also Band-Maid:

You’ll Melt More! and one of the greatest songs ever recorded:

Kazuki is doing this thing:

So Momoiro Clover Z loses a member and gets incredibly boring?

mistress guitar cover? mistress guitar cover:

Sharing primarily to note that Emomomomomomomo is down to three members:

When was the last time that we did anything with PiGU?

Here’s PapiRosier with one of the greatest photobook titles of all time:

Do you ever watch the almost-daily not-at-all-evil JyuJyu videos?

Speaks for itself, really:

Speaking of Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, this eventually came up in my autoplay list after the MV from the other day:

Have a great weekend!

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  1. damn that one part in the You’ll Melt More song made me think of Sete Star Sept, the B side of Visceral Tavern to be most precise.
    and thats amazing.

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