Your Homicidols Weekender #51

Well. Things went and got pretty interesting all of a sudden, didn’t they? And I’m not just talking about BiSH’s big move; this was a hell of a week, right on the heels of my kvetching constantly for the better part of a month that idol was, truly, dead.

I neither want nor need to belabor the rundown ahead. But do play the Fun, which is a good Fun, and really start thinking about your Of the Year nominations, because we’re going to start winnowing down the nominations lists this week.

This Is Why You Should Never Listen to Maniac

Look what John did!

Hey, again, our idols are a big deal!

I think Haruka’s solo career is going to be just fine:

DAIDAIDAI seeks new blood:

Just so you know, DEADLIFT LOLITA has become an incredibly great Twitter follow:

I’ll always love everything about Strawberry Painkiller:


Here’s Alloy with pretty much all of their upcoming single releases, live:

Look at what Ano did!

If you like me, get me this CD+photobook combo from Kaishin no Ichigeki:

NECRONOMIDOL’s Halloween live; the scariest thing about Zaki is how she doesn’t need to go scary:

Playing certain famous clubs can have strange impressions on some idols:

Ten Tenko!

I liked this from Chubbiness way too much:

Graduation alert!

Minna no Kodomo-chan gets #IdolHalloween:

Because bishmarquee likes you, you can enjoy The Other Nakamoto:

You should watch this:

So SHINGEKI is going full-on anisong now?

Former Next Big Thing Yamitsuki Company disbanded:

The Yanakoto Sotto Mute one-man will include a limited single that you can buy for me!


Of course now they’re breaking up!

So as it turns out, & Crazy somehow kind of survived its weird purge, reformed and then lasted like an entire year without anybody noticing, only to go back on hiatus this coming January:

Ritsuka wrote a new song for them though!

Have an incredible weekend!

No offense meant to Code Orange, but this is the song of the year

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