Your Homicidols Weekender #238

Good morning! Who else is just so super tired right now? I was working after hours yesterday to try to clean up a few things, and I had this realization that between that extra time and things I’d done over the course of the week, I’d put in something like 55 hours. Did I promptly stop and go out for pizza and beers with my best gal? Friends, I did not. Instead, I worked for another hour!

This was such a great week for idol and this website, though. Just good material all over. I can tell these things by various metrics — sometimes it’s just a qualitative “goddamn that was good,” and other times it’s the amount of engagement that a post gets on Twitter, and sometimes it’s the sheer lunacy of complaints about the post. We really hit the trifecta this time!

Anyway, weird Weekender here, because let me reiterate: A. Great week; but B. very busy. There are at least five other things that I personally want to cover from the week that are currently in one draft form or another! But otherwise it’s a ton of video and not much else because I kept the goods for more creative purposes.

Famous Last Words

All you folks who had Italy plans last year, prepare to wait another year:

What the hell’s with the thrashy intro into easycore idol stylings, MALCOLM MASK MCLAREN!

ZOC live because it’s their week:

It’s SAKA-SAMAing at Kokone’s birthday party!

I never made much of Saki no Onnanoko because they’re plenty chika but tend not to rock enough; this, however, is great:

QUEENS, so goddamn good:

Live cheki with NECRONOMIDOL:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Bakashinu, or BKSN or however they prefer to be called. WHATEVER. The point is, they did this:

And then to cap it off, unveiled a new member at their excellently named one-man!

That’s it, actually.

KAMENJOSHI seems to have largely abandoned the weird almost-metal hybrid style that shot them to notoriety:

Nice live clip from Devil ANTHEM:

And from WASUTA!


And obligatory NEO JAPONISM:

Yet another new single on the way from Candy GO!GO!:

And yet another live shot MV from Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen:

Have a great weekend!