We Should Probably Be Paying More Attention to MAD JAMIE

I hope you all remember one of my personal favorite Let’s Discover Some Idols idols from a little while back, which context clues should immediately make you realize would be MAD JAMIE, and which then in reverse does reveal my bias for the best debut of 2020. I can own that! If you haven’t listened to their FUCK FOREVER mid-length, I do encourage you to, for it is loud and simultaneously idolly and just delightfully chaotic. But anyway, since their actual physical debut several weeks ago I’ve been somewhat quiet on MAD JAMIE just because I haven’t been paying super-close attention — this isn’t the only MV they’ve put out recently, in fact — and in doing so upon noticing that they’d dropped another video from the album felt like it was time to give ’em a little extra boost while writing tortured run-on sentences.


That … honestly, what the hell do you call that? This isn’t one of those throw-it-all-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks kinds of things; it’s more of a “we have an outrageously great idol hook here, but this album is called FUCK FOREVER, we really need heavier and louder and meaner, whaddaya got?” And that’s great, like really great. Like, I’m not nominating this for any awards, but I can’t think of a track* that I more enjoyed so far this year. It’s a good thing when you come into a song with certain expectations and are happy when they aren’t met because instead they got completely obliterated.

Good on you, MAD JAMIE.

Now, other orders of business being what they are, I couldn’t help but notice that MAD JAMIE had sort of disappeared from Twitter. Not “deleted account, sorry nice knowing you” kind of disappeared, either, but “suspended for violating the terms of service” disappeared. WHAT A MYSTERY! So what’d they do? Was it the schoolyard bravado of their “kawaaii_wa_fxxk” handle? The girl wearing the Marilyn Manson shirt in the MV? I must know! But barring that, here’s a half hour of the members doing cheki:

*An idol track, that is; because my musical tastes are impeccable, sophisticated, diverse and robust, I’m always listening to things that are incredibly sublime and definitely not full of myself about it or anything!