Your Homicidols Weekender #232

Good morning! Just, uh:

That’s the latest gag that I’ve been running into the ground here at Maniac Mansion. Just a laugh a minute over here, folks.

Anyway, yes, spring has completely sprung and we have less than a week before billions of buzzy hell monsters erupt from the ground and make our next 40 or so days just astonishingly annoying. This impending cicada invasion is lots of fun to talk about with the people who’ve never experienced it. They’ll be all, oh, so there’ll be a lot of bugs? And you very patiently try to explain that “a lot” cannot contain the right emotional heft of having the damn things join you in the car, follow you into the house, decide to dive-bomb into your carefully concealed cup of beer, and that this isn’t the way a summertime night will often sound with crickets and stuff galore, it’s more like a motorcycle that never stops cycling, and oh yeah they all die pretty much at once in the span of a few days so then their corpses are a pain in the ass too. Fiancee herself wasn’t around for the last run of these suckers, so I’m trying to fill her head with wild stories of the things nesting in her hair and stuff. Can’t wait til they arrive!

BUT AS FOR IDOL, holy crap, we really are back into idol spring, aren’t we? It is interesting how a lot of units are eschewing video now and going straight to the streamers when they have new stuff. So the Weekender, which can be damn near anything from one week to another, looks really different hear, and posting in general’s going to be different for sure, and … well, just go look at it. Lots and lots of stuff, and thank the gods that it’s from a lot of groups. I was getting tired of mostly talking about the same 50 things over and over. But like this guy’s so full that I’m biting off more than I can chew for follow-up posts. Good times!

Also if you can go watch whatever’s left of the Codomomental stream on YouTube, someone made a very special appearance and announcement.

Wait What?

Kindly raise your hand if you didn’t see this coming, so we can all laugh at you/call you a liar:

Adding: It feels like NILKLY’s on its last legs:

Great work by AKIARIM here:

MAD JAMIE debuted and wew lad:

You are strongly encouraged to give this new one from a virtual spin:

We should all strive in life to make our personal announcements the way that KING RAGE does:

Oh great, POPPiNG EMO has finally gone full kentacore:

Who else likes a bit of Maneki Kecak?

Or cana÷biss, who have completely given up all pretenses associated with their name OR are turning into a prog group?

Nice collaboration, sui sui:

Aina solo is really a whole-ass thing, isn’t it?

Did we talk about the new REBEL REBEL last week?

It won’t surprise you at all to learn that everyone on Team is into tapestock records, and that still includes SZWARC:

Never, ever forget that we all got to share the world with KOTO:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is PIMM’s, who not only have a new song that is also a digital-only release for now …

… but have also started to put their live playlists on Spotify, which is frankly really smart and cool:

That’s it. Just wanted an Idol in Focus.

Here’s PIGGS’ new song from their tour final:

And Miyuki from MAMESHiBA making some mischief in their new single:

New song from XTEEN who we really do not hear from enough:

See, Osaka Shunkashuto used to be the legitimate best:

Did you catch the latest from CYNHN?

Our weekly contribution to the popularization of NEO JAPONISM:


(Old) live NEMLESSS from a GARUDA show but goddamn it there’s little enough video of this amazing woman, let’s celebrate it:

Please, all you gods great and small, make it possible to experience this in person again someday:

Last one of these we’ll get to do, isn’t it?

I most recently only made fun of them for bad live stuff, but this is really well done, Poison Rat:

How many of you do like the THE+BETH here when you’re with your friends?

Have a great weekend!