Your Homicidols Weekender #212

Good morning! How are you holding up? It’s a chilly and foggy morning here at Manaic Mansion, and the Future Mrs. Maniac is insistent that we be out in it to tackle some almost-last-minute pre-holiday tasks. I’d be all for it, except this past week was apparently when my personal tolerance threshold re: the pandemic basically ran out, and I’ve been all but inconsolable about the things that I can’t do and filled with murderous rage toward the people whose arrogance and selfishness made (and continue to make!) this much worse than it ever needed to be. ‘Tis the season!

Hope is of course on the horizon, vaccines are finally being delivered, and … wait for it … we open Best of 2020 voting on Monday! Kerrie’s been hard at work getting it all organized, and now it’s my job to prepare the ballots. It’ll be the same as in the past, with the rolling dates to vote on X or Y or Z, and then we’ll publish the results the following week. I’m sure it’ll have the usual mix of no-brainers, pleasant surprises, lols and butthurt. Can’t wait!

This week, unless I missed a whole lot of stuff, was actually pretty dull in the idolverse. We have a few posts in the pipeline, but, uh … after last week’s Megaender, this week you’re getting something that looks like it was edited just this morning with neither care nor concern, and that’s only ever partly true. And you probably don’t want me to publish my doom metal playlist, right?

What Do You Mean, Partly?

We are blessed to live in a world that has people like Saya in it:

Lacking other Zsasz stuff to talk about, hey, here’s a making-of video!

With Homicidols Dot Com slowly but surely becoming thanks to Chris’s pernicious influence, you may enjoy this Neru joint:

Show yourselves, Belgians!

If you were in a mood to see a documentary of the WACK auditions:

Speaking of, I always with I liked GO TO THE BEDS more than I do:

Let’s do some stuff with Sway Emotions Slightly!

And sure, Li-V-RAVE while we’re at it:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is apparently whatever project this is going to turn into — it’s audition tracks! For some new idol thing in Osaka! Which gives it an above-average chance of being good!

And speaking of Daichi, he’s been doing this for HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI, too:

Say farewell to re:Alice:

We’re losing a THE BANANA MONKEYS, possibly both for real and permanently, but you never know with this group:

I guess the hose-on-head thing didn’t work out like they expected:

Holy shit, BABYMETAL:

I want this QUEENS EP so hard, you guys:


You’re welcome:

Have a great weekend!