Your Homicidols Weekender #193

Good morning! This weekend is a special one for ol’ Maniac, because it was this very weekend (but not the same dates or not even the same relationship of the weekend to the beginning of August) last year that my brain decided that I had quite enough to do, thank you very much, and wouldn’t let me finish and publish the Weekender. I was out of town for Day Job, the culminating event of months of preparation, and I’d been strained to the absolute brink. There’s more to it, but tl;dr on that Saturday morning, I was done. Some clinical assistance turned up that I was stressed almost to the absolute limit, and my brain responded to that by telling me to stop doing things. It may have saved my life, fwiw. I came back some weeks later, was able to keep up the idol madness to a decent extent, and then felt the same effects closing in. Hence the even longer recent hiatus!

So yeah, it’s kind of special to be back here, the same weekend when I have this MASSIVE thing going on, I’ve been busier than probably ever before, I’m tired, there’s a global pandemic, Popeye’s messed up my order last night … and I feel really good. Some stress, obviously, but I think I found the space where I can do some idol stuff without driving myself into an early grave. It’s good, and I look forward to keeping things moving for the foreseeable future.

With Team, of course. None of this exists anymore if not for these incredible people.

Value the things you care about, folks, but take care of yourselves, too. Live with love for the goodness in yourself and around you.

Uh … Snarky Riposte

This is a complete DAOKO endorsement:

The Rona reaches BURST GIRL:

Set your watch for this FRUITPOCHETTE stream:

At the risk of pre-empting someone else giving them a proper intro, I felt that I needed to make sure you all were aware of Nani’n’Nerun as their own thing:

That’s do it for Nue:

Here’s EMPIRE:

Best early look so far at GREAT MONKEYS that makes me optimistic that my girl Juri gets to center another group:

Does this belong here? It’s from TRASH-UP!!, so probably:

Whole DESU.RABBITS live? Sure:

The very cool girls in TENRIN have a single coming in … months!

WILL-O’ with a new single and a new look:

Signing with Sumerian Records has done wonders for Poppy:

There was absolutely not way I wasn’t going to love this because I love Sandal Telephone:

Sayonara to the current G Theatre; we’ll be seeing completely new people someday soon!

I will respectfully suggest to Oomori Seiko that maybe she fix whatever’s going on in her idol group rather than this; yes I am extremely biased:

Have a great weekend!