A lot of people took a deep breath when this popped out the other day:

I think we all anticipated the other shoe to drop in that timeframe, and last night did/not disappoint:

Yotsu and Akebono out, and then more hiatus, for goodness knows how long.

This sucks. Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da was far from my first idol group, but the first time I experienced this was probably the day I went from “I really like this thing that’s happening in Japan” to “I absolutely must tell the world about this.” And check it — that was five years ago. The group has grown and gone through so much in that time. They and their music became an event, something not to be missed. I once pulled over my car on the side of a highway because they surprise-dropped one of the patented Codomomental two-hour previews and I absolutely had to hear it.

The long-timers, Yotsu and Megumi and Mashiro, they’re genuinely special to me as performers. The latter two we get to keep, the former though now lost. And poor Kerrie! Yet another oshi out the door.

Anyway, never forget that idol is capricious and stupid.