Your Homicidols Weekender #116

Welcome to Saturday! Today promises the first thing approaching above-freezing temperatures in the neighborhood of Maniac Mansion in a while, so I’m kind of stoked for that. Otherwise, man, I hope that literally every person who likes idols and isn’t Peak Creepy Wota is having a better time of things lately than yours truly. Unhappiness abounds.

This is a good Weekender, though, I swear it, and I hope you’ve had a chance to get into the Fun this week, as it’s one of the best ever. Those are good things. Enjoy good things.


A very happy new year’s message from Owaranaide, Yoru:

BiS out here channeling Korn for their new single:

Every amiinA song is a beautiful adventure:

This is, uh, amazing-ass work:


/long, impressed-sounding whistle:

Thought maybe I’d Candy GO!GO! your day a bit:

Wanna be in a CY8ER MV?

I stan for AIBECK:

Cool instrumental to show off the chops in REGiNA KiSS:

Sola Sound may not be the easiest group in the world to follow, but dang, look at this:

Check out this new one from JoanJoan:

You can get a new Ladybaby track just for the price of a photobook!

“In the round” takes on a whole new meaning when it’s done Fight Club-style by No Surprises:

Shiori’s going to have some kind of singing career, one way or another:

Another new single from Maison book girl:

In non-idol news, hey, milcboy single!

Fresh new song from avandoned:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is QUEENS, the post-PIIIIIIIN PIIIIIIIN-related group whose identity can best be summed up as “like cool if this were a different decade and another country.” I’m putting them here because I thought I’d seen something about a new release from them recently, and went to their YouTube to see what was up. I missed a lot, so let’s catch up really fast and call it a day.

So how many members does CRY SIS even have at this point?

YUKA will graduate from EMPiRE next month:

Trailer for Osaka Shunkashuto’s one-man:

Ishido Natsumi working on an MV:

Enjoy some live Devil ANTHEM, which I’m sure you always do!

Just a reminder about ex-sugartrap’s final live:


When liNGliNG went to America:

By the way, have you seen Kerrie’s latest masterpiece?

Have a great weekend!

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