If You Ever Wanted to Join a Fan Club, This Is the Time to Do It

I don’t usually like to do bias* too hard around here, you guys. It’s not fair to the huge population of idols idoling away in idoldom to be too terrible discriminate in who gets shared and to what extent and with how many words in the intro to make the post longer. But when it comes to Tsurezure, and when it comes to Shidare, and when it comes to the chance to witness a farewell live from an official source, well, I’ll go ahead and endorse those fan club dues all day.

*Unless it’s Sari, Chitti, idols in glasses, the Oshi Digest (it’s coming back!), anybody who’s ever been a subject of 100 Days, other things associated with Codomomental, and Yanakoto Sotto Mute

4 thoughts on “If You Ever Wanted to Join a Fan Club, This Is the Time to Do It

  1. That site kinda look shady:X. No paypal only credit card accepted. Btw. Question for members about this site do they have good amount of materials that are worth buying access?

    • They have posted a ton of PVs over the years that are available to members. For the last several months they have been posting 3 new PVs every week or two. Almost the entire Shidare farewell show has been uploaded now. I find it to be worth it.

      • Thanks for reply, can you tell me two more things. First can you download materials from site or its only watch option available? Second question maybe a little stupid:D its easy to cancel subscription from them?

        • There is no video download option in the site interface, but I would assume it is possible through an app or third party site. I have never tried.

          When the fan site first opened a lot of people joined and later dropped membership. No one mentioned it being difficult, so I would assume it was easy.

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