Your Homicidols Weekender #109

Happy weekend, friends! Please let me apologize ahead of time: While this was a perfectly cromulent week for idol in general, and there was quite a bit of stuff happening in a general way, I did a poor job of keeping up with it, and then I even left the little cheat sheet I’d been keeping at work. Ergo, not the greatest Weekender of all time, but one with particularly good stuff in it, so I hope you don’t hold it against me.

There’s obviously a big-ass post to announce the results of the 2018 Best Of, and I’ve already decided to spare the universe too much digital ink to cover on the topics of what’s good and what’s going places, but I do want to acknowledge this point here and then there: This is the third year for the Best Of, and of the three times it was by far the most diverse not just in terms of nominees, but in terms of how people voted for those nominees. And the most vote ever by far! Pretty good stuff. I can’t wait for people to get butthurt about the winners!

This is technically the last weekend of the autumn, but we all know that all life and light went out of the world weeks ago. I, being the intelligent and sober human that I am, will soon be going outside into a chilly drizzle to do stuff that I should have done a while ago but did not because don’t you judge me. Do enjoyable things in my stead, play the Fun, send love to each other.

Yada Yada Holiday Cheer

Good lord, did you see the new tipToe.?

Fun fact: The Zombies are still touring:

Here’s a recent thing with BILLIE IDLE and part of BiS:


I’d pay good money to see “Broken By The Scream Reacting to People Reacting to Broken By The Scream”:

Doesn’t everybody ultimately like 143?

I missed it at the first pass, but here’s a different Up Up Girls dance video!

Look at this person’s “study idol” list:

Reminder that uijin is so, so great:

Nothing pleases me more than Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da live:

Fucking Yotsu, man

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Osaka Shunkashuto, whose early work I remain wholly in love with and whose output since joining Avex have been one long series of disappointments. Stop wasting Maina’s talents, people! SSFW, though, will be doing this big-ass gig on Jan. 6 and have released a couple of trailers for it:

Somebody please get this formerly great idol project back over the hump!

Go see AIBECK and this could be you:

Saya is so good, you guys:

If I ever do get to see BiSH live, I hope they only perform tracks from the self-titled era:

I’d have loved to be there for this Dance for Philosophy guest spot:

Again and again, the dichotomy of BLACK NAZARENE’s name and look vs. their sound is almost irreconcilable:

At Papermaiden’s request, here’s Yui GD being amazing:

Have a great weekend!

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