Your 2018 Homicidols Corenament Field

It’s Selection Sunday, friends, and while most of the sporting world’s eyes will be turned toward the results of the NCAA tournament’s selection committee later this evening, the eyes of the Idolverse should be turned right here, right now, as we’re about to break into the third(!) iteration of the Corenament, and may the gods help us all.

Before the bracket is unveiled, I’d like to thank our Bracket Bosses! For no clear reason, the following know-a-lot idol fans agreed to take on the task of not only assembling the bracket based on last week’s input, but to shepherd their respective regions’ favorites and champions toward an epic, no-holds-barred Final Four that … that I still need to figure out. It’ll be great!

The Bracket Bosses

That we managed to pull off a pretty successful selection last night is proof that it’s either easier than it seems, or I explain things good. But we did it! And, as Bracket Bosses, these four fine fellows will eventually be the chief advocates of their regional winners. Expect to be implored to support their winners, as the Bracket Boss whose champion wins it all will win a big, heaping dose of R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

The Bracket

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I think our Bosses had fun with it. We used the input from last week to create a scale of support (Necroma was the runaway #1, but you wouldn’t believe who was #2 or even most of the top 10), and they drafted, pretty much like fantasy football, from that list, and from a list of also-rans, and from a list of things that I hadn’t included but might be fun, and from their own tastes and whatnot, and … well, you see the results. I particularly like how the vagaries of the thing are going to pit two personal favorites of a particular Boss against each other right from the jump.

It’s going to be a bloodbath.

Round of 64 matches will start on Tuesday, and then we’ll start the Round of 32 on Friday. I think, to keep it interesting, I’m going to mess with the by-round criteria this year — songs, MVs, who would win in a fight, who you’d least want to fight yourself, best Instagram, etc. Stay tuned!

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  1. Viz region is brutal! Bracket of Death! It’s gonna be interesting, mind-bottling (lol) and heart-wrenching, but hopefully fun!

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