Let’s Drive Home a Wonderful Day with Banana Monkeys


Forget it, it’s too nice outside to want to keep spring-feeling idol all bottled up. And it is Sunday, so:


If two people are pinging you with a thing, it must be good!

So introduce yourself to the Banana Monkeys (Twitter):

Chris is of the opinion that they’re a distillation of the poppiest side of You’ll Melt More, sans the experimental stuff; go listen to that and then listen to this and tell me that the chorus specifically isn’t a direct rip-off of Sakura Gakuin’s “Kimi ni Todoke”. Not that it matters whose most right (me) in this situation, as all (my) opinions are valid.

Here’s a live that I cannot figure out for the life of me, but that’s fine:

Brett Favre Vikings Jersey Guy needs to be the new White T-shirt Guy

This wacky business clocks in at about a full year of age; the above MV is from their first album, out later this week and no doubt filled with sunshine bounces and potential for idols in chocolate fondue shirts. Their Soundcloud account, in addition to being a wonderfully self-aware troll of Soundcloud culture, has a bunch of tracks that I presume are the ones on the album, mis-labeled in what is probably also a clever attempt to make people listen to their stuff. To whit:

Yes, we will always have room for the weird and slightly off-kilter here at Homicidols.com, as they are often effective bridges between “I only listened to EXTREME BLACKENED BRUTAL SLAM TECHNODEATH until I heard Broken By The Scream!” and “I’m going to cut the next person who out-bids me for an AiAi cheki, so help me.” Any and all attempts to bully such items onto the editorial calendar will be met with scorn and also follow-through one way or another!