YONEKO and FEATURES Bookend 2019 In The Best Way

Do you remember at the start of the year when FEATURES picked up Yoneko to be the face and vocals for their newest track, “TIC”, and it ended up becoming one of the greatest things to ever happen in idol this 2019

Well, would you believe it, those mad lads did it again.

What a way to round off 2019! Considering TIC was my personal pick for 2019’s best collaboration (And the track I probably listened to the most this year), when I found out that the two artists had joined forced once more, I was excited. But at the same time, I thought “Nothing could possibly outdo TIC.” Well, colour me wrong, because RAY quite honestly blew my mind. If FEATURES wanted to do an entire album of Yoneko collaborations, I wouldn’t mind at all. Also worth noting is that TIC and RAY came out almost exactly 11 months apart from each other, in late January and late December. I don’t know if that was intentional, but regardless, it feels like a nice way of bookending a turbulent year, with TIC as its opening and RAY giving 2019 a satisfying conclusion. 

One other thing. If you were among those who was confused and disappointed that this wasn’t Yoneko and the idol known as RAY together (another collaboration that definately needs to happen), don’t worry, FEATURES apologised for that too.

It really is the gift that keeps on giving, and its not even Christmas yet! (It is Yoneko’s birthday in a few days though, so go and give her some kind words on the 24th)