Well, It Looks Like I Have a New Favorite NEO JAPONISM Song

Soundcloud is a pretty great tool for sharing music. I’ve been using it in various capacities for years, going way back to before needing it as a tool for finding Japanese stuff, even. But do you know what Soundcloud sucks at? Sending mobile notifications. So it becomes one of the few things in the game that require active, deliberate monitoring, and you’re SOL if whoever you happen to be following uploads material way ahead of the actual release date, such that the new thing never even appears in your feed (pre-major new BiS, I’m looking in your direction).

At other times, things pop up in your feed and you get a fun little charge. How exciting! I hope it’s good! It’s sometimes a letdown, sure, but also sometimes a thrill … like when one of your favorite emerging units dispenses with the pleasantries and decides that their newest track should be a nasty one:

Yep! “My Hope” is a new one; it’s not on the very good NEO GLAMOROUS that I maybe have been a little bit remiss in reviewing but, like, have a review mostly written for because see “very good” above. My only negative comment would be that I didn’t need the more idol turn through the choruses, which is funny because that’s adroit use of idol against the louder background — most aren’t half as good at pulling it off. In fact, the closest approximation to NEO JAPONISM’s work is probably uijin, and that’s a weird coincidence.


Here’s the upcoming release schedule, by the way. It didn’t take them long to get situated and primed to take all of your money:

So should you be paying attention to NEO JAPONISM? Yes, you should. And that’s another one that counts as a 2018 debutante, too, you guys. The list is long and it is good.