This Is Wagamama Rakia Live with a Band

Indulge me this morning, folks, for I have seen a live video and I want you to see it as well. The reasons are simple: I want you to feel about it as I feel about it, and to get that swell of “I need to support this!” inside, and to want to make impulsive purchases through international grey markets in the act of that support.

Wagamama Rakia (no, not the other Wagamama, this Wagamama) release this the other day, and I set it aside purely so that I could get the feeling down in full. To whit:

Part of the reason that I bring this up is: That sounds fantastic, and they look fantastic, and it’s even kind of a weird presentation when you get down to it not because it’s strange-weird but because it’s, well, it’s almost like watching a band with plural vocalists, isn’t it? Yeah, there’s some choreography, but I don’t get an idol vibe from it so much as a good rock stage. There’s power and charisma and I’m incredibly jealous of the people who were there.

Another part of the reason that I bring it up is that I’m going ahead and taking the chair’s prerogative and proclaiming that Wagamama Rakia is this year’s biggest breakout. I know that other groups will get arguments, and in the objective face of some of them I’ll probably wilt like a rain-starved herb garden, and that’s fine, but I’m planting my flag for Wagamama Rakia, like right now. Two years and change ago, I thought, well this is a unit that could do some things, and then almost two years later they’re doing those things and it feels really validating. Their upward curve over 2018 has been really cool to see.