This Is the Most Contrivedly Shocking Friday Fun of All

Can you believe it? Can you believe that just last week I somehow managed to predict Duso Grop via #AnnouncementsWeActuallyWant, its a Homicidols miracle
May all your dream idol announcements come true too.

I feel like I’ve probably done this one before, but whatever, if I can do #Idolsthetic twice, I can do #FutureIdolScandals multiple times too. Once upon a time, when I frequented a certain popular Hello! Project forum, I made a thread about this for giggles, expecting nothing but joke answers, but can you believe this? People took it seriously! And we can’t be having that now, can we? So I’m bringing it back!

Scandals are almost as common in idol fandom as graduations, let’s be honest. In its purest form, it’s some poor kid being caught with her boyfriend and facing exile thanks to petty fans and unfair management, sometimes its Pour Lui having a very special Huffington Post article about her and Watanabe’s dieting antics. Even we at Homicidols have covered our share of idol scandals from time to time.

Unlike last week, I’m hoping none of these come true, but we’ll see. I just hope it doesn’t result in the graduation of my favourite Zenkimi member this time.

Predict the next idol scandal via the hashtag #FutureIdolScandals and if Togaren suddenly gets suspended I’m blaming all of you.