This Friday Is The Area 51 Of Hashtag Spam

Good morning everyone! Last week, you all made freakish frankensteins from your favourite idols!

Are you lot storming area 51 tomorrow? That has nothing to do with this week’s fun, primarily because I once again forgot amongst a sea of personal nonsense. No, instead, this week’s fun comes courtesy of Brian, who always knows how to save my ass courtesy of coming up with far superior ideas than myself. 

So, you know how, often when you see a Japanese artist represented in western media, a somewhat-awkward analogy is slapped on to try and make it sound relatable to unfamiliar American audiences? Like “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is the Lady Gaga of Japan”, or “Jun Togaw is the Cyndi Lauper of Japan”? Well, that’s what you’re doing this week! Your analogy doesn’t make any sense! Doesn’t matter! I think the example Brian gave when talking about this idea was “Migma Shelter are the Snoop Dogg of Japan”. 

Scrape up some half-baked comparisons from the top of your brain, and share them with the hashtag #BadIdolAnalogies. Let’s see if any of these get used unironically in the future!