The Friday Fun, Guest-starring Your Favorite Idols!

So, Kamen Joshi, huh?

Sorry, that’s all the intro I had. Honestly, that’s all the words I could come up with. In fact, I was struggling for a whole new Friday Fun, but what else is new? (Seriously, if you have any suggestions, feel welcome to tweet me at @weeaboowitch, it’ll be a big help!)

But I was browsing through Netflix sitcoms after finally finishing Friends for the 70th time, and I remembered, “wasn’t there that J-Pop boyband that inexplicably turned up on Fuller House?”


Celebrities showing up on TV shows is nothing out of the ordinary. But a Japanese act showing up on an American sitcom is a rarity for sure. So let’s come up with scenarios for future idols to cameo on TV!

Oh, and make it imaginative. The “___ meets this celebrity/band that they like and they go “OH MY GOD ITS _____!” is too boring, even if that’s usually the only plot such celebrities actually end up getting half the time, let’s think of some actual fun storylines we can get these kids into, like Justin Bieber getting shot on CSI or something. They investigate Hanako-san on Supernatural, or Bed In are the new Baywatch lifeguards. (That reminds me, a little bit of HelloPro trivia; Danielle DeLaunay, of Coconuts Musume, had a supporting role in the pilot episode of Baywatch! She played a kid that almost drowned. Just wanted to say that.)

Tweet us your plot scenarios with #IdolTVCameos and maybe Pour Lui will show up on the next season of It’s Always Sunny.

2 thoughts on “The Friday Fun, Guest-starring Your Favorite Idols!

  1. how about Babymetal showing up in the new Netflix hotness Altered Carbon? (oh OK very quietly in the background, but still…)

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