The Epic TIF List Got Destroyed, So I Made a (Now Better!) Collection

If you’ve been following the scuttlebutt or looking back at the Requiem or Megathread, you probably know by now that just about all of the video from the Tokyo Idol Festival got taken down via copyright claims — not just the stuff that @ramenshuriken shared, but everything. And that’s okay! Tokyo Idol Project will start releasing official stuff eventually, and then they’ll stop caring about the under-the-radar things that fans do, and we can always find creative ways to host video.

For instance! Idol 2.0 used the ol’ reliable method of adding things directly to Facebook:



PassCode user AIP had uploaded a bunch (and has a really good collection, period), so here’s a bunch of the other favorites from the old YouTube list.

A few YouTubers have managed to escape detection so far, so I stuck whatever came up in search results into this playlist. I caution that more than half of it has already been tracked down and eradicated (it was much longer once), but maybe it’ll live a little while longer:

8 thoughts on “The Epic TIF List Got Destroyed, So I Made a (Now Better!) Collection

  1. TIF videos getting taken down because of stupid “copyright claims” is why I try to download this stuff as soon as possible.

    When are these selfish business people going to learn that these videos actually help them by making more people interested in idol groups and making more people want to go to TIF. They definitely make me want to go.

    • In this case (using ayumikurikamaki as an example), any TIP/TIF action is probably a protectionist move — they have however many agencies and record labels with intellectual property to protect, and TIP/TIF allowing that content to exist for free out in the world makes them vulnerable to legal action.

      Of course, they’ll have their own cuts that they’re allowed to publish, which is another motivation for them to want to knock out fans’ video from either the venue or the stream. Can’t let people without monetized channels suck up TIP/TIF’s ability to make those fractions of pennies per view.

      I just told Mrs. Maniac that I was talking about copyright law. She rolled her eyes.

  2. Not directly related to the post, but related to the website (And they were on TIF, so there’s that)

    I’m surprised that you haven’t posted about Jeanne Maria yet, they are awesome <3 They are pretty good singers and performers (A lot of…spins), fit the idea of "Homicidols" (musically speaking) and there is a decent amount of information about them. So, yeah, Jeanne Maria. Recommendation haha (X Japan cover)

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