The Cheapest, Tawdriest Friday Fun You’ve Seen Yet

Writing this week might be a struggle because I keep getting distracted by the neighbours hitting a car for 5 hours a day but here goes. Last week’s highlights! What did we do again?

And in another case of “I thought we did this before but I can’t find anything when I look on Twitter”, here’s this week!

I’ve been seeing an awful lot of Big Brother on my timeline lately. I haven’t actually been watching it but I feel like I know what’s been going on just from all the tweets I’ve seen. And before that, it was Love Island. Reality TV is unavoidable, even if you don’t actually watch TV! Well, Produce 48 has wrapped up lately, so idol fans are in need of another idol drama-fest in the form of good old trash TV. So what’s the next one to flood televisions and our social media? I’m An Idol Get Me Out Of Here? The Biggest Loser starring Big Angel? The Real Housewives of WACK?

Grab your popcorn everyone! This week’s hashtag is #IdolRealityTV.