The Age of WAgg Is Upon Us

All right, when the heck was this thing announced, the WACK trainee unit? I don’t even remember. The last I heard of WAgg, jokes were being made at its expense, and that was (/checks notes) a couple of months ago at least. See, I don’t know if anybody ever really expected this thing to happen — WACK hasn’t tended toward things like trainee anythings, like ever, instead preferring to slide undeveloped talent straight into the mix. And yet, here we go!

The black eyes thing happens to make this lot look particularly alien

Kicking things off with a tour that commences in a few weeks, naturally. And without a shred of music or anything yet to their credit!

You can follow them if you like:

I’m trying to imagine how this all went down, or maybe more how it will go down. Given Watanabe’s preferences, I can only imagine that their look will be somewhere in the vicinity of trash lolita, and activities will … my brain’s going to an off-kilter brand of Sakura Gakuin, right down to the nendo tests, that’s more like if Mori-sensei were played by Watanabe doing a Marc Summers impersonation, and both rewards and punishments focused on physical challenges brought fresh from the mind of … well, Watanabe.

And, like, maybe there’s your line. Hell, maybe the initial profile images are already across it. Being into WACK idols requires being into the music first and foremost, what with all of the implicit (and explicit!) tortures and all, only here I don’t know if any of the members have reached any kind of age of majority. That idol’s court jester would pull his punches doesn’t seem likely — after all, what is Brand WACK if not for marathons and disgusting food and diet challenges and sleep deprivation and living in cars — lest the facade fall away. And because being into WACK idols also requires that you be willing to suspend your disbelief and/or to some extent play along, presuming that Brand WACK is in fact part of this project, do we accept it and go along, or do we do so enthusiastically, or is this where people start to back away?

It probably warrants watching, at least initially, if for nothing greater than the potential for an epic trainwreck. And who knows? Maybe it’ll be good and not outright horrible!