The Homicidols Guide to Attending an Idol Concert

You like idols, right?  That’s why you’re here!  But not all of us are lucky enough to have seen these magical singing pixies performing at a real and proper idol concert.  However, prospects are good if you still haven’t managed to get to one: increasingly idols are briefly leaving their futuristic land to dazzle us with their dancy ditties in Europe, America and even Canadia.  If you are heading for your first idol concert soon, I have prepared you a good and useful guide to the happenings therein.

So whether to the West or Japan you go, heres…
What We Know of The Idol Show.

• Preparation is important.  You may end up quite close to the idols so if you haven’t showered in the last week, it is best to disguise this with deodorant since idols are famous for owning noses.  Also remember it is customary to wear clothes to an idol performance.  Don’t forget to bring a torch – I’ll tell you why later!

• Think about whether you want to bring along a gift for your favourite idol but make sure it is suitable!  Good presents could include broccoli, non-GPS enabled plushies and tiny hats.  Bad presents include wheelbarrow inner tubes, last year’s Argos catalogue or your baby teeth.

Maria out of Philosophy no Dance looking happy with broccoli

Broccoli: good present

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Idol on a Dime: The Yes Tiger! Wota-guide

Hey! There’s a newcomer to the fancy idol blogger game, and it’s Yes Tiger! (who you should follow), and in addition to a completely different angle on the scene (informed!), the stuff pumping out just so far is good-ass quality. I saw this piece yesterday and thought that you cats might get a kick out of it.

Idol events can be very expensive and I’ve spent way too much on them. If you’re going to Japan and you’re interested in seeing your favorite idols or checking out some new groups, you might be wondering how it will fit in your budget. Well, never fear…I can help! Here are some tips and tricks […]

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