So More About This Strawberry Syndrome Business

It just sounds so twisted, doesn’t it? Like a bad trip through Harajuku. But Strawberry Syndrome (Twitter), mentioned yesterday in the context of petit pas!, is not just a real thing: It’s like an alt-idol B-roster supergroup. They have 59,000 followers and have tweeted twice!

Take it away, Idol 2.0:

TGU has even more goods:

You know that at least two of them are armed.

And for a bit of background on Rinahamu, she’s literally the first ex-BiS member, which makes her kind of uniquely special. But more importantly, she’s half of the very cool BPM15Q that I will not be convinced to add to this site.

I am, however, feeling more and more stuck between a rock and a hard place on the “no bands” thing. Because the HATEGLEAMs of the world fronting full bands with idols as a single unit, and the Screaming Sixtieses playing live with bands, and the bands composed entirely of idols … yeah, I need a nap.