Guso Drop Still Alive, But I Think Shion Wishes She Weren’t

So that was a tumultuous morning! I’d actually started to get kind-of-cryptic tweets in the middle of the actual sleepy-time night, and strolled right into a Western alt-idolverse that was more than a little bit shocked. “Disbandment” was being thrown around. And then it was confirmed: Shion was done with Guso Drop, and their immediate future was a mystery.

Of course, several hours later, we have a much clearer picture of what’s going on. User Phillter provided some translation of Shion’s blog post in the comments on today’s earlier post:  Continue reading

Rough Way to Start Monday: Guso Drop … Drops a Member

I’m sorry, it was just sitting right there.

This was very sudden.

There’s scuttlebutt of a full break-up, but the accompanying blog entry makes it sound like they should have seen it coming, so who knows what might be in store. Stay tuned, I guess.