What Has 38 Members and Sings Mom-approved Rock Songs?

Why, it’s Candy Go!Go!(.)

Confession: I’ve been sitting on this enormous “pop’n roll” group for a while, and not for any good reason, just because they’re sitting in the “get to these” queue and other stuff keeps happening.

This is perfectly okay stuff, though, if you’re looking for an idol Bon Jovi (if you get why I went that way, you win!).

I must give additional credit here, too, because look at this discography. When you have enough members to found a small city, I guess you gotta stay busy?

Anyway, Candy Go!Go!. Good times.

All Hell Breaks Loose in These Kitakaze Videos

This is Kitakaze. I wasn’t looking for pain, but these young women brought it to me anyway:

Originally via Idol 2.0

Is this not amazing? I feel like they’re doing what a lot of idols wish they were doing, bringing this swaggeringly chaotic stage show to life and just sneering at the audience that’s definitely into it but definitely inferior.

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This Is a Pretty Cool Story

I’d recently seen a few references to yet another idol group, Splash!, I think via Idol 2.0, that upon first glance didn’t seem like they were going to be very much up my alley. Continue reading