A Second Idol Life in Psycho Predator

Fans of the old Lolisyn wondered what exactly would happen with the two members of Gen 2 after their graduation, and while Lolisyn rebooted (literally) and various other of the PAC IDOL acts have picked up some of the old 564 musical slack, Halu and Hiro both kind of faded off — Hiro has done some fan events and Halu had a small solo project, but nothing to brag about.

Remember how I tried to connect some dots between Mizuki Rin’s leaving Lyric Holic and training some with a confirmed REBOOT member, and it never came to pass? As it turns out, those moves were ultimately going in the opposite direction. Continue reading

Mizuki Rin’s New Project Makes Me Think of the Ramones for a Stupid Reason

As it turns out, Rin was not in fact joining the 564 REBOOT doodad that’s officially debuting soon, but has been spun off as a solo project separate from Lyric Holic:

Sure, Rin. Knock yourself out. You’re terrifying.

Bonus points for anybody who can explain the title of this post!