Good Gods, Honey Emperor Is Still a Thing and Getting Better

Let me paint a picture for you: You start a wildly successful idol website; you set the thing up to be an exploration of pretty much anything that starts with the premise of rock sounds being made by girls in matching outfits; you spend three years traversing a scene as populous and musically diverse as a top 100 list from Pitchfork; you find yourself struggling sometimes to remember all of it, including things that you really enjoyed, to say nothing of the things that you didn’t really enjoy. In fact, if you were to dig around a little bit in the godsforsaken blasted landscape that is the drafts queue in Homicidols WordPress, you’d find an unfinished funny post called “Idols That I Consistently Forget Exist, Ranked” that I may have even referenced once or twice in the past (meta!).

Not even in that draft post is where you’ll find Honey Emperor, or Emperor of Honey or however they prefer it to be styled, in the annals of Homicidols Dot Com. Note: That says way more about me than it does about them. However, as this one quite old look in on them will make abundantly clear, they certainly had their time of rising action within the scene, and I’m frankly not sure why it is or was that it stopped. The music was at worst perfectly fine. The look and concept, like, while not for me wasn’t exactly objectionable. It all just kind of faded out of the Western wota consciousness.

And then a new MV popped up yesterday!

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Here’s a Bunch of Bees Stuff


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Okay, Honey Emperor, Now I’m Paying Attention

Have you seen? It’s time for the Homicidols Fund Drive! Where else would you go for the most random stuff in entertainment?

I’ve been a little rough on Honey Emperor (Twitter) in the past; for reasons possibly tied to the fact that their outfits are particularly ridiculous and (okay, fine) a little bit of guilt by association that has nothing to do with the idols themselves, I couldn’t personally get into them, and I let that get in the way of doing what I’m allegedly supposed to be doing, which is providing a conduit to loud idol music and bonkers-ass performances for the hoped-for continued growth of the fandom.

So, in the interests of turning over a broader leaf: Hey, look, Honey Emperor! They have a new single, their fourth, coming out in a couple of weeks, and here’s the MV for “Empress,” the title track:

Thanks, Chris!

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Can We Get Some Kind of Agreement on Honey Emperor?

I feel like I’ve known about this group for a long time, and it’s definitely since November, and here I am and it’s almost June and I still don’t know if I want to do anything. Like, you know how something can overwhelm you? This whelms me. Nonetheless, I am not the ultimate arbiter of anything, not even my own meal choices, so please don’t take my blase attitude as anything more than one Maniac’s opinion. Judge for yourself.

I am very curious to see where other folks stand here. Honey Emperor on the web, Twitter.