Okay, Honey Emperor, Now I’m Paying Attention

Have you seen? It’s time for the Homicidols Fund Drive! Where else would you go for the most random stuff in entertainment?

I’ve been a little rough on Honey Emperor (Twitter) in the past; for reasons possibly tied to the fact that their outfits are particularly ridiculous and (okay, fine) a little bit of guilt by association that has nothing to do with the idols themselves, I couldn’t personally get into them, and I let that get in the way of doing what I’m allegedly supposed to be doing, which is providing a conduit to loud idol music and bonkers-ass performances for the hoped-for continued growth of the fandom.

So, in the interests of turning over a broader leaf: Hey, look, Honey Emperor! They have a new single, their fourth, coming out in a couple of weeks, and here’s the MV for “Empress,” the title track:

Thanks, Chris!

I’ll freely admit that I was fairly lackadaisically following along, and then suddenly there was a girl with a gun to her head and these big fat drums and my brain did that thing that it does when, well, things like that happen, and I started over from the beginning. Fair enough! Honey Emperor, if you keep doing things like that, we can be cool, and you can stay.

Unless this keeps happening:


They have a sister unit, too, that’s even extra more ridiculous, and I sometimes need to remind myself that this is idol, it’s almost always ridiculous. Let’s plan on getting around to them sometime soon, too.