Never Have Promise: 969 Going on Hiatus

I must have pissed off some god or something, because all of my favorite idolcore upstarts are having major issues all of a sudden. In just a few months, 969 went from being one of the most exciting new things on the block to … well, 969 management will speak for itself:

Their statement is available here. Might be back in a few months, might not.

Guess I should just shelf plans for that interview request, huh?

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Another Quitting While They’re Ahead? Petit pas! Is Dissolving

This news is about two minutes old at this point, so no details, but call this a placeholder until more stuff is available.


We Was Robbed: Tokyo Candoll Advances Some Rando to France

Uh … spoiler alert?

Whereas there was very good reason to be excited that something bizarre or afflicted or fun or at least boot-stomping from the idol ranks could have been selected to perform at Paris’s Japan Expo, of course those hopes were dashed, as we were warned. No, no & Crazy, no Yandoll, no Deathrabbits, not even somebody interesting like Hauptharmonie.

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