Necroma Can Get in on the 24-hour Game, Too

This slipped through the cracks for me the other day; if I hadn’t be oshi-ing yesterday, I’d have missed it again:

To prep for their tour-ending one-man at LIQUIDROOM, Necroma’s going to do the 24-hour thing, 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. I believe that we may be able to view remotely? Ricky, if you’re out there, please illuminate us as to exactly what’s going to happen during those 24 hours. We know that the only one of the members who actually needs human sleep is Rei, but how do you fill that space in time? Continue reading

For the Next 23 Hours, Watch the 24-hour BiSH Party

UPDATE: Some brave soul has uploaded every minute of BiSH 24 to YouTube. Enjoy the latter hours at your own peril.

Because what better way to celebrate your birthday than to cant-stop-wont-stop your way through an endurance event?

Granted, you need a Nicovideo account to watch, but a true BiSH fan stops at nothing to watch their favorite idols’ latest gimmick!

BiSH Will Perform a 24-hour Concert, Hopefully Not Die

Just before officially making their major label debut on avex trax, BiSH will dust off a rather notorious play from BiS‘s book and play for 24 hours. Straight. Consecutively. Without stopping. You get the idea.

Nevermind that this is completely batshit, at least they aren’t going for the full “hitoribochi” experience and starting a chain reaction that leads to their demise(?). Maybe Watanabe’s trying to get some of the shine back after that whole “we goin’ soft” thing.