BiSH Will Perform a 24-hour Concert, Hopefully Not Die

Just before officially making their major label debut on avex trax, BiSH will dust off a rather notorious play from BiS‘s book and play for 24 hours. Straight. Consecutively. Without stopping. You get the idea.

Nevermind that this is completely batshit, at least they aren’t going for the full “hitoribochi” experience and starting a chain reaction that leads to their demise(?). Maybe Watanabe’s trying to get some of the shine back after that whole “we goin’ soft” thing.

4 thoughts on “BiSH Will Perform a 24-hour Concert, Hopefully Not Die

  1. Oh how “stunty”. Would it be a stretch of my twisted imagination to guess that it’s possible that we may get a report that states”an idol has died (or seriously injured) on stage during marathon performance”? Obviously I wouldn’t want that to occur to anyone, but given their “stunty” notoriety, it wouldn’t surprise me if the notion of such an event was at least floated in the media. As they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

  2. Seems like it’s a 24 hour “event” not a “continuous live”. From what I can tell (which may be wrong, and I think it’s all subject to change still), is that it is pretty much 24 CD release events in a row at the same venue, each consisting of the usual free mini-live, then tokutenkai (chekis, handshakes etc, depending on how many copies you buy).

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