How Is It That People Aren’t Going Nuts about This Track from Kanamiru?

I swear it, at even my most apprehensive about the state of idol’s interesting, Oyasumi Hologram can almost always get me to perk up and realize that saviors do indeed walk among us.

In this case, it’s Kanamiru, who’s releasing a solo maxi single that, as far as this release onto Soundcloud would indicate, just plain goes full garage:

More to the point, though, how is it that I’ve been able to sit on this for a couple of days for no greater reason than I originally forgot about it, and nobody else is anywhere near hyperventilating about the damn song? It’s like some kind of weird conspiracy to send the thing down a memory hole — why, I can’t even try to understand — because OyaHolo traversed some interdimensional boundary, offended the wrong black-suited intellectual Deep State thugs and wound up on an official Shit List that’s only accessible via two different VPNs, Tor and a double-secret handshake that you can only learn at a Stoncutters meeting.

Or … actually, there is no or. It’s a damn good song, and the single is probably damn good in total, and we all need to be thankful for it.

If Hachigatsu-chan has something bubbling away, too, and that something is half as great, I’d be willing to shut this whole thing down in honor.

5 thoughts on “How Is It That People Aren’t Going Nuts about This Track from Kanamiru?

    • Just that it (and by “it” I mean “this kind of idol”) feels like it lost a lot of momentum vs. the last couple of years, and even a lot of the groups debuting lately lack the punch of previous entries. Oh, and it’s been a brutal year for graduations. That too. Also, YMMV!

  1. I would think a lot of people aren’t going nuts because are not a lot of people that are actually into this sort of deliberately lo-fi garage stuff. 😛

    • Well isn’t that the thing though? I’m sure you’re right, and I’m also sure that there’s a huge segment of people who mark out if an idol farts in a suitably kawaii way. It’s weird!

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