So, So Much Lyrics

You know how you always wish you could find translated lyrics for your favorite BiSH or You’ll Melt More! or Babymetal or Bellring Girls Heart songs, but searches tend to come up empty or go no further than turning Japanese kana into romaji? Fret no more!

At least somewhat! I subscribed a while back to Misa-chan’s J-pop Blog, and, while Misa-chan is really only one person and there’s a lot of music to get through when your theme is J-pop, she genuinely cranks out content and sometimes aligns with our interests.

Here are some of the groups on the hard side of idol that she’s translated for her site:

And if there’s something that you’d like to see, she does take requests.

While we’re on the topic of translated lyrics, do you know of other good sources, like Du-enki’s Babymetal translations? Please do share in the comments!

4 thoughts on “So, So Much Lyrics

  1. I betcha that’s the same Misa-chan that’s translating the Bellring Movie (and the YMM! movie). The former, I’m told, is very nearly complete!

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