So Let’s See What EMPiRE Does with It

Yeah, I’m one of the jerks who saw the “big announcement at 20:00!” tweet and decided to prepare for it. Then I saw the announcement itself and felt not at all particularly moved to get out of bed. I’m on the fence about EMPiRE — it is known — but facts are facts, it’s a quiet day in Idolville and it’s not like I didn’t completely love their first MV. So hell, let’s split the difference and just steal from John.

It was only a matter of time before EMPiRE announced their first release. I assumed it would be a single with their three existing songs on it. Looks like I was wrong this time. How about a look at the little information we have so far.

via EMPiRE Announce First Album And More — Straight From Japan

Cassettes! This is how reverse-ahead of his time Ricky Wilson was!

They’re also opening for BiSH, which makes all the sense in the world, and have their own first one-man scheduled. Idol is funny to me.