Recover from That Other Thing With This Deathrabbits Album Art

Well, if our resident little bunnies aren’t making some moves lately. Deathrabbits, winners of the DEATH POP DEATHMATCH but disqualified participants in the 2016 Homicidols Corenament, now have out some art for their upcoming album.

The Second Usagi War is coming out pretty soon, no? Which means that we should expect to see that MV basically any day now.

Of course, in the DRAMA surrounding their disqualification, we may have lost our own internal Deathrabbits contingent. Come home, Tamas! We miss you!

Just a note to some folks who had an issue with my characterization of how the girls were represented: This is how you do manga depictions of people that age. This is much more appropriate.

2 thoughts on “Recover from That Other Thing With This Deathrabbits Album Art

  1. One thing: The art was never supposed to be “Japanese Manga” styled. It was always based on American comic book art. I thought it was better than this (which isn’t drawn by the same artist). Their former female artist never seemed to think it was “overly sexual”. *Shrugs*

  2. I agree with Mr. O’Hanlon’s comment.
    I liked the old artwork a little better. The new art is too cartoonish & silly looking. As for that B.S. statement about the older style of art then I guess “hyper-sexulized” is in the “eye of the beholder” because I didn’t l see it that way. I just looked at it as great comic book style artwork, I didn’t think anthing beynd that. The original cover artist made her choice to not make the characters look like kids. The age appropriate issue didn’t come to my mind because I knew that it wasn’t really them, it wasn’t how Emi, Yuzu & Karin actually look in real life. I don’t believe it was designed to make peope think inappropriate thoughts about them. To me It was just comic book style characters with exaggerated features, that’s all.

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