Q’ulle Pops out Dance MV for Fifth Single

As if today didn’t already have enough going on, Q’ulle, the glamorous contract killers of the homicidolverse, released the video (dance version) for their fifth single, “Play Theory”:

And apparently took production notes from KOTO to do it

I haven’t been around long enough to know if Q’ulle’s done this before, or if they surveyed the landscape, saw that Himekyun Fruit Can and Momoiro Clover Z had huge releases in February and that the field was getting crowded in general, and rushed to market a little bit. Like, “Hi, remember us? We’re also good! And here’s a video shot in a style that’s very popular with the kids these days!” Or maybe that whole “tour Asia” thing made them want to get some fresh material into people’s ears.

It doesn’t matter. We should all listen to Q’ulle.