Oshi Digest #47: Trepid

In case you didn’t know, friends, our relatively new Oshi is facing a challenge. Yes, on Wednesday, she’ll find out who her opponent will be on Friday in the final match-up of Queen of the Scene, with the winner carrying the Official Oshimen of Homicidols Dot Com forward into the future. That means being the star of the Oshi Digest, which is an honor not to be discarded by anybody who likes it when literally dozens of foreign people consider that to be a big deal.

Saki’s so distraught that she’s showing off her forehead:

Now, Oshi and I had a conversation earlier, and I pledged that I, as Official Owner Jerk of Homicidols Dot Com, would lend her, the Official Oshi, as much support as I could. Conflict of interest? Possibly! Collusion? Definitely. I will, however, recuse myself from refereeing duties, leaving that to a special guest who will in no way, shape or form have a dedicated rooting interest in the outcome of Queen of the Scene.*

You should support your Oshi, too! Just look at the lengths that people are willing to go to show their love:

Among idols, too, is our Oshi beloved:

Even when she’s by far the smallest person in the room, she has the biggest presence:

And she hangs out with megane idols, which is dreadfully important:

If only it had been longer! The risk of some other lesser idol taking over the Oshi spot after its habitation by two absolute chika icons … it’s too much to bear. Go read Kerrie’s interview with her again — Saki is a gem among gems. Just look at this spitfire!

Do you know why she bought her first-ever parasol? IN CASE SHE HAS TO HIDE IN SHAME!

And her music, truly solo now with only vestiges of Daichi left, is legitimately great! How many other idols do you know who do it all themselves this well?

On Friday, I want everybody who loves Saki to show up and show up hard on her account. Don’t let some jenny-come-lately rob her of hard-earned rights and respect! Don’t let Oshi fall into disrepute as a mere transitional champion! Give her Oshi power!